Ruaha National park is the biggest national park in Tanzania at over 20'000 square km. A bit of a hidden jem in Tanzania, Ruahas remote location means that the park does not get crowded with visitors, and so means being able to absorbe this beautiful landscape largely on your own. Ruahas landscape is made up of baobab forests, rolling hills and grassy plains that surroud the heart of the park, the Ruaha River. 

Ruaha is teaming with wildlife. Sightings of lion and Leopard are common in the dry months, and with a little hunting you can find Wild dog, Hyena cheetah and caracal. Ruaha sports the largest population of elephants in Tanzania and is abundant with other plains game such as buffalo, eland, impala, dikdik, lesser and greater kudu and giraffe. 

Ruaha is a wonderful park to visit with a magic all of its own. Amoungst local guides ruaha is commonly named the best park in Tanzania. 

"Ruaha national park is the biggest and wildest national park in Tanzania. And we want you to get lost in it!
We want you to feel the real wilderness, far from everybody else, with only wild animals as our companions. Nothing can make you understand you are an animal yourself more then the roar of a lion next to your ear! When we understand we are animals ourselves we shall surely become aware of the importance of their protection and conservation." - Mdonya Old River Camp Team

Season: June through to March

Type of accomodation: Tented

Number of rooms: 12

Children: Welcome from ages 6 and up

Location: Ruaha National Park, Tanzania - 07°41’10.05″ S – 034°39’3.05″ E


• Ensuite Bathrooms
• Solar-heated water for showers
• Chest with lock in each tent
• Dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice
• Bar and laundry service available at extra charge
• Payments for extras may be made with cash only
• Forgotten personal items may be available in our small shop
• Power: solar & generator
• Charging point for electronic devices at the camp office

Adventure Camps Review: Mdonya is an awesome camp, situated in an isolated area in the Park. Upon arriving at the camp you are immediatly hit with a sense of being out in the wilderness. Sightings of lions, Leopard, Elephant and buffalo are common from the camp it self making for a very adventurous experience! While I was there a group of lions killed a buffalo a few meters from on of the tents. We spent three days watching the drama between them and the hyenas from the camps restaurant. The camp is built to be eco friendly and so doesnt sport the mod cons and high level of luxury that you find at other properties, but it never really bothers you and only serves to enhance the fact that you are truly immersed in the beautiful wilderness of the Ruaha National Park. 


The tents: The tents are spacious and all are ensuite. The shower is open roofed letting you shower under the stars. The tents can accomodate a double, twin and triple set up. There is no power in the tents, but a kerosene lantern is provided outside the front, and in the bathroom at night. The tents are comfortable, and all you need is provided.

Excursions: Ruaha offers walking Safaris and Game drives, and night drives can be undertaken for an additional fee. Walks are a little more restricted in the ruaha, following set routes, but still very enjoyable. The core of safari in the ruaha is the game drive. Ruaha is a massive park with a beautifully changing landscape. Game drives feel fresh and exciting every time you set out. Mdonyas vehciles are open sided landrovers and you are accompanied by a guide and a driver. Due to the size of the park and low number of visitors, you very rarely see any other vehicles which is great when you find something special and can enjoy it on your own. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mdonya. Its not the most luxurious destination that ive been to, but it is the wildest fixed camp i have ever visited. Mdonya focuses on making sure you have all you need while emphasising your experience in the bush and making sure you know youre in the wild. If you love animals and spending time with no filter between you and the wilderness then Mdonya should be high on your list of places to visit. 

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