Lake Manze Reviews


Jan 2018


To Lake Manze Awesome team

Thank you so much for such an incredible experience. All the team is so friendly, so helpful and so professional. For Shaun and Milli, you really made it feel so warm and hospitable, I felt like a well cared for guest in your lovely camp. The way I got to experience nature, has been so special, starting from the step of the lovely tent. It could not have been better and I am so grateful, keep it up and asante sana Waafa Sudan


Thank you to all of the Manze team for an outstanding stay. Everyone very friendly. Our safari experience was magical. Something we will never forget. Thanks again.

Doug and Sam Australia


It was our first time in the Selous, and it was perfect staying with Lake Manze. Shaun and Milli make extra effort to make sure your stay is comfortable. The guides, waiter and Masai are very friendly. Loved staying here and would love to come back again.

 Darshil Shah and family  


We were wooed by the exquisite view, and the warm greeting we received by the hosts and the crew. Everything was perfect, the view and the food-and wow the tent is luxurious. Thank you so much for the great hospitality.

Passant and Khlaud Egypt


Dec 2017

Bush, animals, birds, but especially people, What a great experience. Thank you for this beautiful place. See you.

 Bert and Michele


Thank you so much for such an incredible time. We had more fun than we could have imagined. Thoughtful, helpful staff, great food, wonderful company and all before we think about the things we saw. We could not believe we got to see the Lions eating and the Wild dogs were brilliant. Watching the Kingfishers was definitely a highlight too, and the best Hippo was definitely from our candle lit balcony. We think we might be hooked

Love Emma and Ciara


I hope very visitor coming after us will be as lucky as us. We are leaving Manze camp with heads full of new information and beautiful memories. Thanks to our amazing guide and driver, Joseph and Kamkumba, who did an amazing job finding animals such like Lions, Hyena, Wild dogs and more. We spent an amazing time thanks to the staff and the great accommodation. Sleeping in the tent definitely adds something more to the experience.Fabienne, Frederic


A stay to truly remember, we loved every second, every TV channel, every drink, laughter and meal. Thank you for your warm hospitality, great support in our surprise and for making this stay amazing. Fiona and Dominic


Nov 2017

So sad to be leaving after a visit that surpassed all expectations. We saw so much, learnt so much, heard so many stories – thank you for looking after us. Hope we will see you again. Jane .


Asante sana for a wonderful experience. The staff attention to detail is exemplary. My appreciation is endless. Susan Cawley USA


Fantastic four days, not just the wildlife (although that was spectacular) but the companionship, laughs and camaraderie we enjoyed with you all. Asante. Kate and Rolly


Thank you so much for enabling us to be part of your jewel in the bush. This is an experience we will never be able to fully describe as feelings as so much more powerful than words. We have seen and heard it all, even the elusive beautiful Leopard. Lake Manze is a beautiful place and has given us a new place in our hearts. I am sure we will be back again. Harun and Ali were fantastic. So, here’s to you, your team and Lake Manze

Stay healthy and happy. Julie and Andy



Sept 2017


An oasis of beauty to wake up every morning in. Thank you for the safaris and excellent food.

Felix and Olivier


A wonderful experience. Lovely camp. Lovely staff and superb hosting. Adrian and Melani Miles


What a fantastic experience. I think the highlight was the Elephant in the camp. Hospitality was amazing. We also truly enjoyed every meal. Thanks for everything.

Brad and Sheila Philo


Thank you all ( Asante sana ) for such a wonderful stay - of course the safaris were superb - and being in Africa is like coming home - but most of all the whole staff team were the very best - so friendly and kind - and please say thanks to the cooks – not only for such good chakula ( food )but also for making the biscuits for us. Alick and Fe


What a great African Experience. Shaun and Milli were excellent hosts and made the trip memorable. Game viewing was most exciting made possible by the knowledge and experience of Samwel and driving of Abuu. It is a trip that will be unforgettable.

Glenn, Debbie Schexnayder = Louisiana USA


Aug 2017


Thank you for the usual glorious safari experience. It’s difficult to leave , but there is always next time and we look forward to it.

Cheryl and Abe – Australia


Thank you so much for the brilliant introduction to Africa and to safari. We have had an amazing couple of days. We will always remember it. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.

Rupert, Chris, George, Johnny and Charlie Brindley


Thank you so much to you both for making our stay in Selous truly memorable. We had a fantastic experience with beautiful viewings and excellent food. We are returning home with memories that will last us a lifetime. Thank you again

Rose, Dave and Julie Gawthorpe – England


Our second visit and just as magical. George and his wonderful staff, the Masai, Shaun and Milli all make it so special. Great food ( thank you Chef ) and perfect tents. Most of our family have now been and I will be forcing the rest to come over. Special thanks to the Elephants for turning up. Look forward to our next visit.

Graham and Kathleen Knight


Truly a transcendent, once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget. Not just the fauna and flora, but also the amazing people who keep this beautiful camp running with such unflappable grace and style. Feeling energized and also humbled to have slipped into our ancient place in the food chain for a few days. Big thanks to Shaun and Milli and the wonderful staff for making our stay so memorable.

Eric, Dinah, Mirtza and Sebastian


July 2017


Few words can describe the emotions we have felt throughout this amazing experience. We leave Lake Manze Camp invigorated and packed full of memories that will stay with us for a lifetime .Thank you Shaun and Milli for the warmth and genuine hospitality . Tarek and Iris – Egypt


This has been one of the nicest camps we have stayed at ( and we have stayed in quite a few ) The setting is beautiful – so peaceful and tranquil. The tents are cozy and comfortable and the game viewing spectacular. Thanks to Shaun and Milli for making our stay so special with your warm and ever present welcome. Indeed thanks to all the staffwith special mention to Harun our guide and Kapumba ( his new name ) our driver. The Chalk family – UK


Thank you so much for taking so good care of us in your beautiful camp. Selous certainly delivered the wildlife and together with your hospitality it was a perfect four day holiday, Sorry to leave. The Shalom family – Israel.


Had the most incredible time and really don’t want to leave. Alfred and Zahor were amazing and the absolute dream team. Thank you so much everyone at Lake Manze camp. Love the Beard family Suffolk England


June 2017


We have had the most incredible honeymoon here at Lake Manze. Been made to feel like part of the family. Everyone is so friendly. Our guide Zach did an amazing job spotting out all the beautiful animal here. Very sad to be leaving. We will make it our dream and ambition to come back one day. It’s been life changing. Thank you so much to everyone at Lake Manze.

Lulu and Paul


This place is so special, the setting is wonderful exceeded only by the hosts, Shaun and Milli who are a wealth of information and their friendliness and attention to anything that can make your holiday even more perfect. The staff are professional and friendly always cheerful and helpful. Food was great and the wildlife viewing exceptional by the great drivers and guides. Thank you so much. 

The bush flowers – Julia and Carole


I really liked the design of the lodge. Every small detail tells a story of good taste. Elephant towels, toilet paper with a nature string around it, the animal drawings in the toilet. The service was excellent. We loved the personal atmosphere being greeted by Shaun and Milli on our arrival. A special light – light was the candle – light dinner. Wonderful- Neli


Thank you again both, for a wonderful four days. Here’s a little song dedicated to the hippo’s

Mud, mud, glorious mud

There’s nothing quite like it for cooling the blood

So follow me, follow down to the hollow

And there we will wallow in glorious mud

All my love and best wishes to you and your staff

Debbie ( Mad bug lady )


Mar 2017


Most exotic interesting vacation ever. The atmosphere is very special. Shaun and Milli could not have been friendlier and more accommodating. And Zacharia and Zahor were absolutely the most fantastic guide/driver team ever. So knowledgeable and persistent. By day 4 we felt like part of the fabric.

Bradey Williamson and Cynthia Hirsch


Shaun, Milli and the team. What a terrific three days, thank you. Your passion exudes everywhere. See you in South Africa … sometime. Rick and Colette 


Shaun, Milli and all the team. Excellent service from everyone. You are the ones that make the stay so enjoyable, Good luck and fortune for the future. The tours were excellent. Tony


A wonderful stay. Such a great camp and such a great team. Our favorite place in Tanzania. Hopefully we will be back. Roberto and Guillaume


A perfect escape for our honeymoon and our first safari together. Every single one of you were wonderfully hospitable and treated us like old friends. We were feeling nurtured, educated … and desperate to return soon. To our next safari adventure together. Thank you so much.  Fizzy and Nick


Feb 2017


This was my third time at Lake Manze and it was as lovely and welcoming as I had remembered. When, my first time, I had an Elephant sleeping outside my tent, I thought it was amazing. This time Elephants kept me company throughout my stay and the thrill of seeing Lions on the way back after dinner was a real bonus. It was sad to see the effects of the long dry season but I left as the rains were breaking and in a few days it will be stunningly beautiful. A wonderful stay – Thank you to Shaun and Milli and the fantastic staff

Marcus Rutherford England


Our sixth visit in the last eight years. As magical as ever. We hope you get some rain soon but thought the water hole in camp was a wonderful addition and provided lots of excitement

Bob and Ros UK


Amazing experience. One of the memories to treasure for a lifetime. Milli and Shaun are perfect hosts and the staff are superb

Sue Perry UK


We came here for our honeymoon and it was truly an experience of a lifetime. Never seen so many animals up close. Appreciate the hospitality of the staff and enjoyed the food as well. Hope to come back in the near future.

Sho and Marie Japan


Very good four nights in camp. Malcolm is a superb host. Our driver Emanuelle and guide Alfred went above and beyond to find us game. Overall enjoyed the experience.

Paul and Sylvia Shilliam


Thank you for a wonderful stay. I really appreciate the personal input from the managers and staff and also the focus on conservation and sustainable tourism. Our guide Joseph was outstanding and took great care of us. I would be very exited to the have the opportunity to return and visit some of your other camps.

Amanda Vest Somerset UK and Boston USA


Jan 2017


We are in love with this place. Wish to come back here again. One of the best adventures in our life. Thank you very much

Felix and Katerina, Russia


Wonderful camp. Magic moment on our last morning to see a baby elephant outside our tent. Thank you Shaun, Milli, Masai and all the staff

Stewart and Katherine


What an adventure. From landing at the airstrip, to be greeted by 10 Giraffes (and then fantastic hosts Milly and Shaun at camp) to the highlight of a pride of lions alongside a family of Elephants – everything has been fantastic. The staff are wonderful and the chefs create amazing food three times a day. Thank you all at Lake Manze for a memorable trip

Sarah and Dave, Bournemouth England


We came here on our honeymoon. We thought that our wedding was the best day of our lives ….. Little did we know? From finding a hippo outside our tent, to being driven back after dinner because lions had decided to sleep outside tent 3. We never had a dull moment. An adventure of a lifetime without even leaving camp. On top of all of this we had fantastic game drives with Joseph and Daniel. Two of the most knowledgeable, good natured men with eagle eyes. They were able to spot things that were just dots to us. The pride in their jobs and their passion about the animals shone through and we can’t praise them enough. Onto Shaun and Milli – We instantly felt welcomed and relaxed in their company. Everything ran smoothly and we thoroughly enjoyed meal times with them (and our fellow guests), exchanging experiences with them was a highlight of our trip. We hope to come back and visit them in the future. All of the staff were friendly, caring and patient with Dillan’s incorrect Swahili. And the Masai made us feel safe and protected at all times. Asante Sana.

Love Dillan and Victoria, St Albans UK


Dec 2016


WOW – What a magical place filled with bright eyed human animals, magnificent animal animals and sweet life in every direction. The memories will last a lifetime - but we shall return before then. We are so grateful for your hospitality. Thank you for the warm, welcoming exciting experience. We leave with full bellies, full hearts and full eyes.

Mark and Lauryn Zuk, Canada  


Thank you to all who made the experience possible. You are all very special. To be with nature and all it has to offer is an awesome experience.
With heaps of love.

Deanne, Adelaide South Australia


An amazing trip of a lifetime that exceeded all expectations. The staff, food and the hospitality was second to none. Sad to be leaving. Never know, maybe see you soon again

Chloe and Billy, Scotland


Thanks guys. We had a wonderful experience. Everything was very professional, clean, organized. Our safari guide very knowledgeable, staff friendly, food amazing. We would love to come again.

Keep it friendly and real. Just the way it is. Shaun and Milli and all the staff rock.

Elizabeth and Harold


Thank you so mush for a wonderful, wonderful stay. We saw so many lovely animals. We learnt so much and enjoyed the beauty of this place. We hope to see you all again some day. It has truly been an unforgettable experience.

Until we meet again – Our best

Jennifer and Andrew Meade


Nov 2016


We came here because we did not want a seaside honeymoon. And what we got was such a fantastic adventure. Every day was a new discovery, and there is nothing like sleeping to the roar of lions, and waking up every morning to the most magnificent dawns we have ever seen. Keep this place a heaven for adventurers, and keep your team as knowledgeable, friendly and professional. You made our honeymoon an unforgettable journey. They use to say there is no path to happiness but happiness is the path. Now we know. With all our friendship.
Vanessa and Fredrik 


What a magical place Lake Manze camp is - not to mention the Selous. Thank you for sharing with us, from lion stories, to magical dinners and of course witnessing animals we never thought we would see. Hope to be back.
Sophie and Charlie


There are many innovative ideas here, some work better than others but all is beautifully held together by the special enthusiasm of Milli and Shaun. We will reluctantly depart with many, many happy memories to keep with us.
Grant and Megan UK


The adventure of a lifetime. Thank you a million times. The best wishes from Lithuania.

Thank you.
Asta, Viole, Gerardas, Irena

Sept 2016


Thanks a lot for having this amazing place as it is. It has been a pleasure to spend two days in this Eden. And we celebrate the professionalism of all the staff and management in this great place. Thanks

Xesco, Jocua, Gloria, Arindna  Barcelona


Thank you so much Shaun , Milli and the team. What a wonderful time we have had. Hospitality excellent, food superb and the guides amazing. A special mention to Laygos the resident bull elephant who provided much entertainment. Thank you.

Gill and Richard


This place has blown my mind. The staff are brilliant, so friendly, the food super delicious. The tents are perfect with an amazing view and noises of the bush. Shaun and Milli you are wonderful. I could stay forever - fallen in love with Laygos – Lanei


Thank you so much. We had a perfect stay. 5 of 5 * We have no words it really could not have been better. We will definitely recommend this place to all our friends. Thank you for being so friendly, welcoming, present and service minded, amazing.



Aug 2016


Dear Lake Manze Team.Asante Sana !! What a spectacular weekend. Thank you for your expertise, professionalism and warm concern for our every need. I have been on many safaris and this was easily one of the Best. I hope to visit you again. Sincerely. R J Donovan


Dear Lake Manze we cannot thank you enough. We are sure people tell you this all the time and who spends anytime here will understand – what you have here is truly incredible and we are very grateful to have experienced it for this short time. A wonderful relaxed atmosphere at the same time well organized and professionally run. Thank you to all the staff who can’t do enough for everyone and thank you to the wonders of East Africa – the animals and birds we have seen. Some amazing sights and loved every minute. A great start to married life. We will talk about it forever and hope to return. Asante Paul and Lauren Green


My stay at Manze was above all expectations, beautiful landscape, great to get so close to animals and super service. Thanks for everything. Frans Buysse


This is the best holiday ever!!! We couldn’t choose a better place to stay for these wonderful three days. Thanks for everything, the best staff, best accommodation, best guides, best drivers, best views. Amazing. You are all doing a great job. We wish to come back one day.


July 2016

Thanks for an absolute wonderful time. Waking up to elephants and seeing a male Lion wander through at lunch will be memories I’ll never forget. Everything was fantastic top to bottom. I’ll be back.

Will Fitzgerald


Thank you Milli and Shaun for arranging a fantastic holiday. We can leave relaxed and well cared for. The game drives were excellent and met all our expectations. And a big thank you to the elephant who came down to say goodbye as we we were leaving on our final morning. We will certainly recommend Lake Manze Camp to our friends.

Love Helen and Charlie


Thanks to the whole team at Lake Manze, but particularly to Joseph and Ally, our fantastic guides. We are still flabbergasted at how good you guys are at spotting the smallest or furthest of animals. Thanks for making this the very best of honeymoons.

Edward and Catherine


To the amazing team of staff, guides and managers at Lake Manze, What an incredible stay at the camp. Our safaris were stunning and allowed us to see spectacular animals in their natural habitat. Samwel and Zahor were the perfect team for our family and even taught us words and songs in Swahili-such fun. We are sad to leave but hope to be back soon to this special place in the Selous.

Sincerely Catherine Jonash


June 2016


Asante sana and nzuri sana are totally inadequate to express the wonderful time we have had here. Your hospitality, the glamping and safaris – brilliant. Our sincere thanks to Kalisti and Ally for showing us the kill by the Lions and showing us so much. Thank you Milli and Shaun for all the thought you have given to the comfort and hospitality of your guests. You are truly great hosts. So sad to be leaving but take amazing memories with us..            The BensonWallbridge family (Melbourne, Perth Australia + Dar Es Salaam


Asante sana to Millie, Shaun, Eli and Abuu and all the rest of the wonderful team for making our holiday magical and something to remember forever. Your help and kindness has been invaluable to help Paul’s recovery and put a spring back into his step-and all the animals were just the cherry on top. Hope to see you again. Christel and Paul Norris UK



The most amazing place. Everyone at the camp is so welcoming and service is brilliant. We were made to feel at home. The guides and drivers are incredible at what they do. Our hosts Milly and Shaun are wonderful and this being our honeymoon, they made it very special for us. Thank you. We are going away with so many memories from Elephants in camp to being so close to many beautiful animals. So sad to leave, we will definitely be back. Carolin and Tom Arkell UK