Lake Manze – Experience adventure! Keep it natural! Feel the thrills of having an elephant eating Doum palm seeds right outside your tent. Hear the sound of its rumbling stomach and see how tender a mother is to her calf.


We have so much to learn from our animal friends, teachings that can help us create a better world.
We keep everything as it was before we arrived and this is why animals use the camp as much as our guests.

Experience this magical, romantic camp on the shore of the Lake Manze with stunning lake views from your own verandah. Experience the sunrise on a walking safari. Enjoy a delicious picnic bush breakfast or lunch during your game drive as you spot lions and wild dogs. Take a fishing trip on the lake.

Get close and personal with hippos and crocodiles and thousands of exotic birds on a sunset boat safari. Delight in a sumptuous candlelight dinner on the lakeshore to the symphony of the surrounding.
You’ll never want to leave!

Twelve Meru style walk-in tents, each with twin or double beds, flush toilet, outdoor shower and private veranda, are perfectly situated to enjoy the morning ritual: elephants trampling across an old, well-worn elephant trail in front of the camp towards the river.

The camp has been constructed with careful regard to the impact it makes on the environment. All the tents are situated unobtrusively in the shade of stands of doum palms and other trees. When viewed from the boat, it is hardly possible to see the camp at all, it is so well hidden. Disturbance to the environment during the period of construction was kept to a minimum.
Hot water for the showers comes from solar-heated panels. There is no electricity in the tents, so our power generating requirements are minimal.