Adventure Camps of Tanzania Video Clips

This amazing video shows Laygos, the resident Elephant at Lake Manze Camp in Selous Game Reserve, getting his ear scratched by Malcolm Ryen. He is a completely wild elephant but because of poaching, these remarkable animals have started seeing the camps as safe havens. Click on the elephant to the right!

This film is about the  African wild dog and a leopard, two of the hardest animals to see on safari at the best of times! These lucky guests spotted both on the same game drive in the Selous. Amazing. Click on the lion to the left to watch the clip.

This great clip from Mdonya Old River camp is taken by guests making their journey to the camp in the Ruaha National Park. The car gets stuck in some sand on the way which isn't a big deal, but it happens next to a pride of lions with cubs! It also has some nice footage of the camp later on into the video. Ruaha is beautiful... (my favourite!) 

The night is alive! Awesome footage of Authentic Tanzania's camera trap at Kilmatonge in Ruaha, bearing fruit when it captured this beautiful leopard yards from the camp, drinking water warily in the dead of night. Click on the leopard to the left!

This footage of Fundi (mechanic in Swahilli) the leopard when he was young, caused a lot of controversy amongst experts and amateurs alike. It is unbelieveable footage. Have a look and tell us what you think! Click on the Leopard to the right. 

Fanjove! watch this awesome drone footage of this beautiful destination and tell me you don't want to be there right now! We only choose the real deal at Adventure Camps. Click on the zebra to the left. A zebra... I couldn't find a dolphin!